I Deserve the Good Things in Life!

When you have depression, like I do, you frequently don’t expect good things to happen to you.  Sure, you may accept a good job and work hard to keep it, all the while giving yourself tons of negative feedback even though you KNOW you do your best work. Okay, maybe I’m projecting here, but I’m more

Drug allergy causes death of Australian woman despite medical bracelet indications of allergy

When should a doctor be held responsible for giving a drug to a patient when that patient is allergic to the drug? Maybe that’s too vague a question. Should a doctor be held responsible for administering said drug to said patient when that allergy is documented 14 different times in her medical records and, said more


First, I would like to start with a disclaimer, as it were, that I am not opposed to the choice of an individual to abstain from eating meat and/or dairy. Whether said individual is a vegetarian or vegan by choice or due to dietary necessity is personal and beyond my criticism, nor do I aim more

Dealing with Food Allergies – Tips for the non-allergic

In my previous article I wrote about my past experience with allergies and how my family’s allergies affected me. After I wrote it, I felt it prudent to make a list that may help those in a similar situation. 1. Having allergies is hard. I know this is a ‘duh’ statement but the point is more

Married to the Always Sick Chick – A Spouse & Father’s Perspective

I have no allergies. None. And yet I have spent the better part of the last 8 years trying to understand them. More the latter portion of those 8 but we’ll get to that. The Always Sick Chick wasn’t always “always sick”. We ate Chinese food, had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, watched animals for more

B12 for Energy and Weight Loss

You may have heard about B12 shots and how they: Improve circulation Increase metabolism Provide energy, particularly in people who are B12 deficient. Well, I am here to tell you that it is all true.  I have been consistently taking Vitamin B12 for the last 2 weeks.  Adding that in immediately gave me more energy.  more

Battling the Stomach Flu / Norovirus this Season

Our kids caught the Norovirus as soon as school started this year.  Since then, they’ve had symptoms off and on – diarrhea, vomiting, but no fever.  Between that and the few colds and allergy issues, our house can best be described as a viral cesspool. The stomach flu (more properly known as the Norovirus) was more

When Allergies Attack: Allergies & Asthma in America

Infographic authored by Oransi LLC. To view the original post, check out the original Asthma & Allergy Infographic.        

The Importance of Weight Loss to Type 2 Diabetes

Guest Blog Article By William Richards There are numerous health benefits to losing weight. Eating a nutritious diet and exercising regularly can prevent and reduce a number of health problems, including symptoms of type 2 diabetes, brought on by excess pounds. Shedding pounds can lower your blood sugar, help you use insulin more efficiently and more

Exercise for Physical and Emotional Health

We already know regular exercise is going to help you lose weight, and has been proven over and over to prevent and improve health problems, including high blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis. But what about other areas, does regular exercise have any effect on our psychological and emotional health as well? According to this article more

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