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Getting Healthier in 2011 – October Health Goals

Since starting my “Getting Healthier in 2011″ series, I have accomplished the following goals for my health: Getting allergies under control – I used to have allergy attacks on a very regular basis.  Now they only come rarely…very rarely! Lost 10 lbs of body fat, and people are noticing!  Heck yeah! Elimination of acid reflux more

Getting Healthier in 2011 – August Health Goals

As I posted yesterday, this blog is all about getting healthier to live a better life. Last month, I didn’t achieve all of my health goals, but I did okay and actually achieved one that I decided against trying because I thought it was too much to put on my plate – I reduced my more

Getting Healthier in 2011 – June Health Goal Wrap-up & July Health Goals

I usually do my wrap-up at the beginning of every month, but here it is, the 12th, and I have yet to do my wrap-up or create new health goals for July. If my goal is “getting healthier”, then I’m seriously behind this month.  I also seriously lapsed on my June health goals shortly after more

Getting Healthier in 2011 – June Health Goals

Getting healthier this year is my number 1 goal.  If I can get healthier, I figure everything else will fall into place.  I will become a better wife and mother, have more energy to do the things that I need and want to accomplish, and just improve my quality of life dramatically. It is my more

Scenes from a Sick Day in Our House

It started on Sunday evening.  I added generic Tylenol to my evening pills (with my prozac, zyrtec, mutli-vitamin and two doses of flax oil), because my head was POUNDING.  Unfortunately, the acetaminophen did me no good.  My head was still pounding after several visits upstairs to calm my crying son who apparently developed a sore more

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