Stubborn Belly Fat – I’m NOT Pregnant!

Buddha Belly - stubborn belly fat

Buddha knows what I'm talking about!

Do you have stubborn belly fat?  I do, and as a result, people have been asking me if I’m pregnant lately.

I’m not pregnant.

The real b*tch of it is that I’ve actually lost about 8 lbs., and only now am I getting the comments and questions.

Seriously. What is that about?

A few weeks ago, I went to visit a mom who just had another baby.  Her mother (the grandma) was there and asked me, in so many words, when I was due.


A week later, a little girl asked me, “Are you having a baby?”  No, sweetie.  I’m not having a baby.

But the worst moment had to be last week at Zumba.  I was finally able to join my husband in the Zumba class, as the last couple of classes I had to miss because of my intense back pain.  At the end of class, the instructor said that it was nice that the “whole family could join us” and she gestured to her stomach – you know the way, like a belly rub.

I walked out and got halfway down the hall before I bolted into a restroom and bawled my eyes out.

I’ve had stubborn belly fat for quite awhile.  Before having kids, it’s the first place that I gained weight.  I didn’t know why.  After having the kids, it just got worse.

Belly fat after pregnancy is really hard for some women to lose, although I see a lot of women just lose belly fat after their deliveries like it was never there.  They don’t look like they were ever pregnant.

I hate them.

Okay, I don’t hate them.  I just…yeah, okay, I hate them.

When I wear blue jeans, I don’t look pregnant.  I just look a little plump, but healthy.  I’m not a stick.  But when I wear my pajamas or work-out clothes, I do look visibly pregnant.

If I actually was pregnant, I would look damn cute.  But when I get pregnant, I get fat all over; I look like a beached whale.  It’s not pretty.

Engraving of a beached whale by Dutch artist J...

I should just make whale sounds as I walk past people if I'm ever pregnant again.

So, naturally, I decided that I was going to make it my mission to lose belly fat by focusing on my abs specifically. According to my husband, this will also help my back problems.  So losing inches around my waist and losing weight will have to become a new goal instead of a nice side effect of living a healthier lifestyle.

In addition, I’ll have to begin employing the advice from the Dr. Oz Belly Fat Cure and start taking more Vitamin C and Omega 3s.  It’s on my To-Do list, but it may be time to make that a higher priority.

Because if someone else asks, “Are you pregnant?”, I might just lose it.

Question: Do you have stubborn belly fat?  Have you ever had someone think you were pregnant when you weren’t?

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