Always Sick, but Getting Healthier … March Health Goal Wrap-up

getting healthier losing weight

Part of Getting Healthier is Losing Weight!

Are you always sick like me?

I’m sorry.  :(  But that’s why I started this blog:  help me get healthy!  You can help me, I can help you, we can help each other.  And the blog helps to keep me focused.

As a result, I have seen the results.  I am getting healthier!

I didn’t set any official health goals for March like I did in January and February.  With all the crazy illness in our house at the beginning of the month, it just wasn’t possible.  That happens when everyone in the house catches a chest bug.  It happens even worse when one of the kids with asthma has an attack, goes to the ER, goes on a huge number of medications and develops pneumonia!

Yeah, the only health goals I had at the time were to get over that horrible bug and help my little boy beat the pneumonia!

However, we still managed to change some things in our lives to lead us down the path to getting healthier, because…

We don’t want to be “always sick” anymore!

Getting Healthier in 2001 – March Health Goals & Changes

Last month, I determined that every time I try to take something away that isn’t considered healthy, I fail miserably.

Mocha Frappuccino

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Example – Mocha Frappuccinos.

I know they aren’t so healthy.  They’re loaded with sugar, which affects my mood and can make me depressed in high enough quantities (without sufficient protein and water in my diet).

But every time I try to quit drinking them, I become a cranky banshee.  You may be able to compare me more to bear whose hibernation has been disrupted.  I think I was quite literally growling one day last week. It wasn’t pleasant.

The only refined sugar I have is in this Mocha Frappuccino (it’s ocassionally a Mocha Frappe from McDonalds, which I’m sure is even worse, but sometimes I’m desperate).  I don’t eat cookies, candies, or cakes anymore. I removed all of that from my diet months ago and haven’t touched them since.  I didn’t even eat a tasty lemon cupcake during my son’s 4th birthday.  It didn’t even appeal to me (thank goodness!).  So I figure, I’m allowed to hold on to one vice if it keeps me from tearing my house apart in blind rage from lack of caffeine and chocolate.

So, I forgive myself, and I’ve moved on.  I may beat you one day, Mocha Frappuccino, but today you have bested me, and I resign myself to you…for now.

Instead of removing things, I’ve concentrated on adding things – healthier foods, beverages, and habits.

Drinking more water - I continue to drink more and more water to prevent any signs of dehydration.  I have seen a steady increase in my physical health as a result.  However, I am still tired.

Exercise – I am now exercising at least 3 days per week at the local gym.  We managed to get ourselves a free gym membership, which is awesome.  I sometimes even get there 5 days in a week for at least 30 minutes, and I change up my exercise routine from one day to the next.  I feel better, getting more energy on those days.

Allergies asthma flowers pollen spring
Maybe my allergies will be so under control, I can actually smell flowers without sneezing!

The results are slow, but improving steadily.  I can feel myself getting healthier physically, though my energy levels are still pretty low.  I hope that continuing the exercises will help with that problem in addition to getting more sleep.  I have been sleep deprived more than usually because we’ve all been sick – always sick, I tell ya! I’m not kidding. We are always sick! *sigh*

Healthier Results in March

  1. More energy – still tired most of the time, but I can feel my energy level going up.
  2. Better mood - while I still fluctuate, my mood is steadily improving.  The weather is probably part of the reason for that, but I’m okay with that for now.
  3. Weight loss – I’ve lost 5 pounds! Woot!
  4. Less sickness – My allergies aren’t giving me the kind of trouble they have during the past 6 months or more.  I’m not having any issues with my asthma either.  Definitely a major breakthrough for me.

That is how I’m getting healthier.  I will post a plan for April in the next few days.

Questions:  How did you do with your personal health goals in March?  What are you planning for next month?

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