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When I started this blog, my mission was to treat and cure my ailments through various means, both natural and medical.

However, I’ve failed to do either. My health has deteriorated further.

My suspicion?  Increased stress is the culprit.  I’m bombarded, and it just gets worse.  Our livelihoods are at stake, and it’s hard to overcome the fear of losing everything, including health benefits so desperately needed for myself and our children.  With numerous conditions requiring daily medications, such as nasal allergies and depression, we also require emergency medications, like inhalers and epinephrine.  And let’s not forget those expensive ER visits for when our youngest son accidentally eats a piece of cheese when my back is turned.  Yikes!

So, I’m beginning to wonder if this chronic fatigue really is just chronic stress wearing me down.  Every time I turn around, it’s something else, and the fear is mounting.  So, with all this stress and pressure, I have little energy or time to devote to getting healthy.  I’m just trying to maintain every day without going completely crazy and losing my mind.  I’m surprised I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m checking myself into a psychiatric facility, although I have days where I literally want to pull my hair out and scream.

Today was better, though. Much better.  I’m amazed at how differently I felt today.  It actually started yesterday. I was feeling overwhelmed again, and looked around at the millions of things that needed to be done: cupcakes for the class Thanksgiving party, work for our business to prepare for the holidays, chores, getting things together for our oldest son’s school, the play date I was hosting at our house this morning…

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Finally, in the midst of my brain screaming about how there’s too much to do, how I can’t manage to do everything, and how I would probably let everyone down, I finally just stopped and said to myself, out loud “It will get done when it gets done!”

Wow.  What a relief!

And with this calm attitude, I managed to take care of quite a bit today.  We got ready for school this morning without much stress, and actually got out the door early.  The dishes are done.  The playroom is cleaned, and the laundry is folded.  Amazing.  Truly amazing how more gets done when I remain calm about the process.

In the midst of this newly found sense of calm, I also determined that I need to prepare and form a plan in order to better my health.  I need to do a lot of research and take baby steps to change my habits and lifestyle in order for them to stick, and I can’t expect to make these changes overnight, even after I’ve settled on a plan.  It takes time and effort, and the stress will just slow it down and hinder progress.

No changes will be made over the holidays, at least not diet wise.  It’s not practical, and it will cause undue stress and anxiety.  Instead, once the holidays are over, I can begin implementing changes, mostly in diet, in order to feel healthier.  I already have a few ideas bouncing around in my head, such as taking wheat (or all gluten), dairy, corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and sugar out of my diet in order to combat my allergies, asthma and dysthymia (depression and anxiety), as these have been suggested to me as working cures.  In addition, more exercise – more and more and more exercise.

But for now, I’m going to try and enjoy the holidays and do some research, when I can, to make a good decision about my health and well-being and to find suitable food products that will fit into this new lifestyle.  Also, I’m going to make an appointment for allergy shots.  Seriously.  It’s just too much.  I can’t have a full on allergy attack every time I encounter a bit of airborne dust.  It ruins my entire day.

So, there’s the plan, or a rough outline of it.  To fashion this plan together, I’ll use advice from my doctors, my health plan from Dr. Oz, the Dr. Mercola site, and other research.

Question: What types of lifestyle changes have you made to improve your health?

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